Did you know it takes 8 Directors and 16 Team Leaders along with over 100 volunteers for the Annual Walk for Autism to be a success?

We are humbled by all their generosity. It takes the dedication of committed volunteer leaders like those in this photo to host our Annual Walk with over 2,300 Walkers!
Thank you for your leadership and support. Your selfless commitment to planning and organizing our Annual Walk for Autism is truly incredible.

Your Walk Directors: Tish Bartlett, Dave Bartlett, Elysa Farrell, Israel Wodarski, Wendy Zukowski, James Spaeder, Jayson Spaeder, and Jay Spaeder. And behind the scenes for 2023…Annie Eisert.

Your Walk Team Leaders: Dan Wirley, Christy Carucci, Mary Spaeder, Karen Kaiser, Richard Burmood, Shanda Coleman, Mike Zukowski, Jackie Lazeski, Bridget Dolak, Steve Dolak, Dave Steiner, Melani Scott, Ally Grossman, Kaitlyn Barnhart, and Tara Stewart

Your Office Walk Photographers: John Fox, Ryan Hewitt, and Jack Hewitt