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The Autism Society strives to empower individuals with Autism and their families to make informed decisions in the planning and delivery of individualized, evidence-based services and support. Each individual and family has the right to choose the services that best meet their individual needs.

We provide family support activities to bring families together as no one should ever feel alone.

The benefits of attending begin with the sharing between one parent to another. Often, just talking to someone who has “been there” can really help. The events serve as opportunities for families to receive support while building new relationships. As you gain knowledge and try to make sense of this disorder, please know that many of the people here have probably experienced some or all the emotions you may be going through at this time. We want to help!


ASNWPA Membership

With your support through an annual membership, we will continue to grow and build a strong foundation for ALL our loved ones living with Autism. Autism Society NWPA has connected families to the resources they need through education, advocacy, community and therapeutic programming, and referrals.

Membership Benefits

  • Discount pricing for monthly events
  • ASNWPA mechandise discounts 5% to 25%
  • Discount registration for programs
  • Member-only appreciation events
  • Early access to registration



Autism Society NWPA Facebook “private” Support Group

Every parent and person on the spectrum have so much to offer so a forum to help one another has been created. If you have a question, a suggestion for someone else’s question or just want to share a success or struggle, this local on-lone community is here to provide support. This is a closed group, so posts are only visible to members of the group. Please email: if you would like to join the group.

Family Support Programs

Family Sensory & Social Opportunities
2023 Sponsored by Event Champion: Wm. T Spaeder Company, Inc.

Sensory & Social Opportunities are offered on a monthly basis for families to receive support while building new relationships. Structured community events not only provide ASD children, teens, and adults a calm social environment, but also one in which the entire family may build relationships by including neurotypical siblings and encouraging interaction and support. Local events allow families to socialize safely in an environment that might typically be overwhelming for the ASD family members.


Preschool & Pre-K Meet-Up

Offered bi-monthly to provide parents with the opportunity to network with other parents in a sensory-friendly welcoming environment. The group is for ages 3 to 5 and meets at the Autism Society NWPA Family Center. Registration is required.

Mom’s “Whine” & Cheese

Meets quarterly bringing mom’s together for “self-care” in a relaxed welcoming setting. Great way to build a network of support. The quarterly meets include interactive activities. Registration is required.

Autism 101 for Parents, Grandparents, and Caretakers

Offered twice a year, this program offers information, resources, and connection to other parents for information and support. Autism 101 covers communication, sensory, behavioral, and ways to get help.

Autism 101 is also available as a community training for local businesses and/or organizations to increase understanding and acceptance to best support individuals with Autism and their families in our community. Scheduled upon request by emailing:

IEP Informational Clinic

Designed to help parents and guardians understand and navigate planning in the school environment. Join us in learning how an IEP provides individualized education. Offered twice a year or in the community upon request.


View Full List of Family Support Events here.


Making Informed Decisions

The Board of Directors of the Autism Society NWPA affirms that each person who experiences Autism is a unique individual. To the maximum extent possible, informed decisions should be made by the individual with Autism and their family members in partnership with a multidisciplinary team.

The selection of current evidence-based intervention practices should be guided by objective assessment, goals, and outcomes. Services and support should be delivered with fidelity by qualified and appropriately trained professionals. All services should promote self-determination, enhance inclusive community engagement, and result in improved quality of life. Abuse of any kind is not acceptable.

No single service or intervention is likely to meet the needs of every individual with Autism. Each person should have broad and equal access to high-quality, individualized support and services. Selection of a program, service, or intervention method should be based on a comprehensive assessment of the person’s abilities, needs, and interests. Services should be outcome-based to ensure they meet the individualized goals of the person with Autism.

The Board of the Autism Society NWPA expects that individuals with Autism will have dignified, productive lives and reach their fullest potential through access to appropriate education, employment, community living opportunities, medical care, mental health services, and family support.

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