Autism Society NWPA offers monthly FAMILY sensory and social opportunities for
families to get together.

The monthly outings are designed to develop:  community awareness and interaction
through structured community-based experiences; and develop and maintain recreation
and leisure skills.  The outings are open to all families living with an autism spectrum


The benefits of attending begin with the sharing between one parent to another. Often, just talking to someone who has “been there” can really help. These events serve as opportunities for families to receive support and mentoring while building new relationships. Structured community events not only provide ASD children a calm social environment, but also one in which the entire family may build relationships by including neurotypical siblings and encouraging interaction and support.

As you gain knowledge and try to make sense of this disorder, please know that many of the people here have probably experience some or all the emotions you may be going through at this time. We want to help!

If you would like to be linked with a parent who may have a child close in age to yours or who might have specific information about a therapy or topic of interest, please contact our office at (814) 455-3540. We will be happy to find someone for you to speak with who can be of assistance.  Often, just talking to someone who has “been there” can really help.

Autism Society NWPA Facebook Support Group

Every parent and person on the spectrum have so much to offer so a forum to help one another has been created. If you have a question, a suggestion for someone else’s question or just want to share a success or a struggle, this local on-line community is here to provide support. This is a closed group, so posts are only visible to members of the group. Please email: if you would like to join the group.

Autism Emergency Contact Form for 911 Center

Erie County's 911 Center utilizes the CAD software in order for their dispatchers to dispatch the proper emergency personnel and equipment to emergency incidents. Erie County's 911 Center CAD software has the ability to store an Autism Emergency Contact Form associated with your phone number. Completing an Autism Emergency Contact Form will give the First Responders valuable information in the event of an emergency. If a 9-1-1- call is received from a residence or facility reporting an emergency, the submitted information is made available to the dispatcher. This critcial information can then be transmitted to responding crews, be it, ambulance personnel, fire crews or police officers. If the call is placed through a cell phone or some other means, the information can be accessed by the dispatcher.

Erie County's 911 Center has created two (2) forms which request information that is generally needed in an emergency situation.

Please consider including the following when submitting the forms:

  •    1. Floor plan indicating the "safe area" the individuals may retreat.
  •    2. A recent photo of your loved one.

The completed form should be submitted electronically to the attention of Randy Tripp by selecting the submit icon at the bottom of the form or emailed at If you do not have email access, the completed form may be dropped off or mailed to our offices at the following address:

Erie County Department of Public Safety
C/O Randy Tripp
2880 Flower Road
Erie, PA 16509

If you have any questions regarding the forms, please contact Randy Tripp at 814.451.7938 or email:

Austism Emergency Contact Form
Special Needs Data Collection Form