Autism Society NWPA hosted On Board with Autism in collaboration with Erie Regional Airport Authority, United Skywest, and Transportation Security Administration.
REAL-TIME SIMULATION! It was truly real-time as the United Skywest plane was delayed in Chicago for 1 1/2 hours. We had seven families that stayed for the duration. It was worth the wait. The airport staff including TSA, Airport Police, and United Skywest crew were spectacular and welcoming….even with their extra long day….all volunteered their time to make this experience available to our families.

The evening included learning and experiencing the various processes of navigating an airport including ticketing/board passes, baggage check, security screening, walking through the gate to the Jetway, and boarding a plane!

Thank you to all our families for joining us for the real-time airport simulation! Special shout out to Derrick Martin, Executive Director of Erie Airport Authority for making this event happen for our families.

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