• Thursday, Sep 05th
  • 6:00pm - 7:30pm
  • Autism Society NWPA Office-1062 Brown Avenue Erie PA
  • Registration for Teen Club is required

Friends & Pals Teen Social & Bridge to Success

Teen Club (Ages 13 - 21)

Friends & Pals Teen Club (age 13 – 21) provides an opportunity for friendship, conversation, and FUN!  Teenagers need more independent social skills once they leave school for college or the job market. Our group gives teens on the autism spectrum an opportunity to utilize their social skills and practice them in a comfortable environment.

2019-2020 | We are offering two (2) groups - Teen Social Club & Teen Bridge to Success

WHEN:  Thursdays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm | Teens will be provided with dinner

FALL 2019 Friends & Pals Teen Club | Social Club and Bridge to Success are at maximum capacity.  A waitlist has been started.  Thank you for your understanding.

FALL SESSION 2019 - CURRICULUM:  Healthy Relationships:  Relationship Development

~ Thursday, September 5 | Social Club | Meet & Greet - team building
~ Thursdays, September 12, 19, 26 | Bridge to Success
Relationships Development: Understanding Social Media | Personal Space & Voice Volume | Types of Physical Affection
~ Thursday, October 3 | Social Club | Different Types of Relationships; Review of Friend, Acquaintance and Bully
~ Thursday, October 10, 17 | Bridge to Success
Relationships Development:  Small Talk | Private Talk & Secrets
~ Thursday, October 24 | Halloween Party | Gannon University
~ Thursday, October 31 | NO SOCIAL CLUB MEETING
~ Thursday, November 7 | Social Club | Yoga - This class utilizes visual aids, sensory support, songs, and games. (bring yoga mat or towel)
~ Thursday, November 14, 21 | Bridge to Success
Relationships Development:  Breaking Social Boundaries & Likely Consequences
~ Thursday, December 5 | Holiday Party | Erie Movie House

~ Teen Social Club only | 1st Thursday of the month for 4 months | $12.00 [FULL]
~ Teen Bridge to Success | 12-weeks (includes social club) | $24.00 [FULL]

About the Program.....Bridge to Success

Persons diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have a lot to offer in the work environment but may need some guidance along the way to build interpersonal skills and confidence. Many people may be gifted in certain areas such as technology and long-term memory, but struggle with tasks such as "small talk" or managing stress levels. These are not skills that are developed overnight, using PowerPoint Presentations, Lesson Plans, Videos, Role Playing and real-life scenarios, there are opportunities to practice and apply the skills needed for successful transition.

A focus on a person's strengths will empower and motivate. The goal of Bridge to Success is to help build on the skills to help our teens live safely, happily, competently, and independently as adults.

  • Topics:  Understanding Social Media; Small Talk; Private Talk; Secrets; Voice Volume; Breaking Social Boundaries and Likely Consequences; Types of Physical Affection


~ Thursday, February 6 | Meet & Greet - team building
~ Thursday, March 5 | TBA
~ Thursday, April 2 | Cooking Together
~ Thursday, May 7 | TBA

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