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We would like to welcome a new team, Autism Passionistas.

It’s going to be hard to find a group of people who are more passionate about Autism Awareness and Acceptance than the Autism Passionistas!!   Comprised of a number of staff and supporters of Erie’s KaleidAScope, Inc. – we are looking forward to raising funds to support the local autism community.  Team Captain: Sara Kitchen

The Kitchens have always known autism.

Those of you who knew Tom Kitchen knew that he dedicated his life to serving children with ASD and teaching those who sought to support people with autism and their families/friends/the community. This was his calling – anyone who saw him work would agree.

Those of you who know me (Sara Kitchen) know that I have dedicated MY life to serving teens/adults with ASD (at least I hope you know that). While I wear many hats – working on self-advocacy and support for these fine people is where I have found my passion.

Those of you who know US know that we have an amazing child on the autism spectrum. A child who utilizes some of the services that are offered by the Autism Society – Northwestern Pennsylvania.

The Autism Society has gone to incredible lengths to augment their annual walk to meet the current safety needs due to COVID-19. I encourage all of you to check out the “virtual walk” event.

Bridge the Distance | 19th Annual Walk for Autism

AND – While you’re at it… MAYBE think about joining our team!!!!!!! (or at least donating)

Autism Passionistas

Autism Society NWPA was honored to have Tom Kitchen as a part of our team.  Tom served on our Board of Directors, Chair of Education & Awareness, and Grant Committee.  Tom brought with him a wealth of knowledge and passion for improving the lives of all affected by autism.